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How to plant and grow benchgrafts

Some growers are shifting to benchgrafts as their source of fruit trees for planting and replanting orchards. Cost is certainly a factor in their decision, however like in most things what is gained is balanced by increased risk. Benchgrafts as a general rule are more tender and fragile than a 2 year old tree from the nursery. Your success is very dependent on your management and the weather. The graft union on a bench graft is only partially callused at planting time and is physically weak relative to the rootstock and scion. A light frost will kill cells at the tender union so don't plant until there is no chance of frost. A 5% loss is common and you shouldn't plan on a 100% take. If we plant grafts to produce nursery trees we plant 15% extra anticipating loss in the production process. Growers should plan accordingly and order 15% more grafts than the planting requires.

If you begin to see survivability problems in your benchgraft plantings shortly after planting, call the nursery immediately to help manage and mitigate the problems.

The following recommendations will help you improve tree survivability in your planting.

Click here for PDF version of these instructions.


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